VOQOL is a wordplay on "vocal" and "QOL" which means, "Quality of Life" ©Joel Tay 2016

VOQOL is a wordplay on "vocal" and "QOL" which means, "Quality of Life" ©Joel Tay 2016

Voqol is a Speech Therapy service based in Singapore that focuses on voice. We eat, breathe and talk anything voice related, and we want to help people prevent voice problems, rehabilitate damaged voices, and master their own voices. 

What's in the name?

The name Voqol is a wordplay on the words "vocal" and "QOL". QOL stands for quality of life, and it's something that we want to promote. We believe that your quality of life is largely affected by your ability to communicate, and anything we can do to prevent voice problems, restore damaged voices, and enhance existing voices makes us (and you) very happy indeed. 

("Qol" also happens to mean "voice" in Hebrew)

Who are we?

At the heart of it, we are Speech Therapists, who care deeply about your voice. While there is a lot of information about the voice and vocal technique out there, we bring voice science into the picture. Our approaches are based on scientific principles of the physiology of voice, and on research backing up some of our approaches to treatment. Whatever we know, we gladly share. Whatever we haven't figured out, we readily admit, and are open to collaborations and research.

What does remain, is our commitment to help you find your voice.  

Our Mission

While trying our best to avoid corporate speak, we couldn't move away from our core mission. We ultimately still had one, and it's this:

To help every individual we encounter to maximise voice health, and find vocal freedom

What does a Speech Therapist do?

"So you help people speak?" is the most common response when we tell people we're Speech Therapists. However, there's more to our role than that. 

To put very simply, we take care of two things: 

  1. Communication disorders
  2. Swallowing disorders

Because communication is such a complex process, you can further split this down to the following sub-specialties: voice, fluency, speech, and language. 

While Voqol is a speech therapy service, we focus on the voice aspect of speech production. This focus is deliberate, so that we can be the best possible at treating and preventing voice problems, and so that we can really get really good at what we do.