What we do

An overview of what we do to help people with their voice: 

  • Voice Health
    • Prevention
      • 1 Hour Voice Awareness talks to boost awareness about voice care
      • 3 hour Voice Health Workshops that explore voice health and healthy voice production
      • For Teachers: Specially designed 3 hour workshop for teachers to help you become aware of what can cause future voice problems, how to prevent it, and be louder without hurting your voice. 
    • Rehabilitation (for various voice disorders)
      • Individualised Voice Therapy for dysphonia
      • Group Voice Therapy
  • Speaking Well
    • Vocal & Speech Mastery
      • 1 day Voice and Speech Workshop to help improve clarity of speech, vocal presence and control
      • Individualised Speech and Voice Coaching and Training
      • Accent modification
      • Speech & Articulation Therapy