About Joel

Joel Tay is the founder of Voqol and is an experienced Speech and Voice Therapist who has worked with people with communication and swallowing difficulties for the last 10 years. Joel graduated from NUS with a degree in psychology and a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology.

His primary clinical focus is in the treatment and prevention of voice problems. In addition to that, he also has vast experience working with people with language and speech difficulties, swallowing problems, and stuttering.

Over the years he has had the opportunity to speak and educate the public about voice science and persuasive communication. He has spoken at World Voice Day Singapore, Esplanade’s Voices Festival, and worked with many schools and companies such as Ogilvy, and Hilton Hotels.

Joel hopes to bridge the gap between voice science and art, and hopes to demystify the often confusing world of voice training. In recent years, his passion is to help teachers regain their voices, and to teach them how to use good vocal technique to better command a class.

On top of helping people achieve the best of their voices, Joel also records voiceovers for a number of studios and companies in Singapore. He also been requested to emcee, most notably for some performances at the Singapore Grand Prix, the Watoto Children’s Choir, and at the Victoria Concert Hall.