Voqol is a Speech Therapy service whose sole purpose is to help you maximise your voice. 

We incorporate evidence-based approaches in helping you achieve the best voice you can. Whether you currently have a voice difficulty or if you feel your voice is holding you back in work and life, we can help. 


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Teachers, love your voice!

As a teacher, you know that teaching demands a great deal from your voice. For any given day, just 1.5 hours of teaching would mean your vocal folds collide at least 1 million times. That's crazy. Couple that with extra classes, noisy classrooms, poor room acoustics, strict deadlines and poor vocal technique, you're potentially setting yourself up for vocal injury that could significantly affect your ability to teach. 

We can help. 

Voqol aims to provide you the tools to help you prevent this from happening. Or, if you're already struggling with a voice disorder, to treat you. We want to help you find your voice. 

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Bridging Voice Science and Voice Art

Vocal performance has been around for ages, and over the centuries, people have done amazing things with their voices. Vocal pedagogy has also developed correspondingly, and as a result we now have a wealth of exercises and activities to help anyone get a better voice. 

However, we don't stop there. We're not just interested in the fact that they work, but also why they work. That's where voice science comes in. We constantly go back to the physiology, cutting edge research and mechanics of how the voice works, and then link it to an exercise and ask, "how does that help?", and "why does that work?". 

Our hope is that more people are able find their voice through better control and understanding of their primary communicative instrument- their voice. 


Speech is the voice of the heart.
— Anna Quindlen