Your vocal health depends on a number of different factors ©Joel Tay

Your vocal health depends on a number of different factors ©Joel Tay

Voice Health: Prevent & Rehabilitate




Voice Health Workshops

Our workshops are designed with prevention in mind. Voice disorders can very rapidly take down your voice. 

We have 2 types of workshops you can choose from.

  1. 3 hour Voice Health Workshop
    This workshop covers topics related to caring for your voice, healthy voice production, vocal warm ups, and exercises you can do to prevent voice disorders. The workshop will also cover some articulation and speech clarity techniques. 
  2. Teacher's Voice Health Workshop
    This workshop is specially designed for Teachers & Educators, and covers topics specifically related to caring for your voice, healthy voice production and vocal technique, prevention of voice disorders, and using a loud voice safely. The workshop will include opportunities for you to practice your newfound voice.

Workshops are usually run collaboratively within schools, and within the premises of your company for groups of 15-20. Larger groups can be accommodated, but effectiveness is reduced. Workshops solely by Voqol at external venues are run every quarter. 

In future, we will be setting up e-courses to help you learn the proper voice techniques to help you project your voice, and be more in control of your voice. 

1 Hour Voice Awareness Talks

These talks are designed to increase awareness among your colleagues about voice use. We will explore how the vocal mechanisms work, and explore how some vocal habits can be potentially threatening to the vocal folds. 


Voice Therapy

Individual Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is meant for individuals who have a voice disorder, otherwise known as dysphonia. 

The first step is to get an assessment done by a Speech Therapist specialising in Voice Therapy. An assessment by an ENT doctor specialising in voice (laryngologist) may also be necessary. We can guide you along that process. 

Thereafter, an individualised treatment program is designed with you in mind, to help you improve your voice. We will cover the following with you:

  • Vocal hygiene and good vocal habits
  • Normal voice production
  • Clear explanation about what's happening with your voice
  • Voice exercises to practice
  • Individually designed, evidence-based Voice Therapy Program
  • Vocal technique
  • Skill generalisation to other contexts

Therapy sessions usually last 4-6 sessions, but may be shorter depending on how easily you learn the vocal techniques, or longer, if your dysphonia is more severe. 

Group Voice Therapy

Group voice therapy is not widely practiced and the evidence supporting it's approach is emerging. However, we believe that there are many benefits that come out of learning as a group. These include being able to learn from each other's approaches, problem solving together, and lastly enjoying a slightly lower cost per session. 

Group sessions will be held in small groups of 3-4, and members will be matched as closely as possible in terms of voice needs.